Reinstalling the Landing Brake for Glassing

I’m going to try to make my posts a little shorter, as I think most people don’t want to read a novel when they visit construction blogs, and it may help me get more posts out more often.  Heather and I just got back from Oshkosh 2011, and met a lot of you that visit this site.  Having met more people who check the site regularly, I feel more obligated to update more often, if that makes sense.

We’re still in the “trying to catch the site up with the progress” mode here, so this step happened well over a month ago.  Again, this is not my official build log, I’m keeping that in a notebook, so I don’t feel too bad that my post dates are a bit off.

Prior to glassing the bottom, the landing brake needs to be reattached.  This is so that you can glass over the entire bottom and have a smooth transition with the landing brake closed. The first thing you do is sand a 1/16″ depression around the cutout, as seen below.

depression sanded around the brake cutout

This allows space for the flange around the landing brake.  As it says in the plans, this will all make sense in chapter 9, during the finishing of the landing brake.  I accomplished this task using the fein tool with a sanding head.  Helped a lot for sanding through the micro from the foam I had added to ease the transition to the naca scoop / landing gear area.

The next order of business is to vacuum the brake depression, then you glue it down with a few small dabs of 5-minute epoxy.  I generally don’t like the idea of using 5-minute epoxy on foam because of the damage it causes during removal, but I went ahead and did it anyway.

Glued Down!

Once the brake was glued back in, the last step is to create a mold for the flange around the brake with duct tape.  This took a LOT of tape, and is intended to be flush with the brake, and 1″ wide.

Tape Buildup

That’s it for this post.  Stay tuned!

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