Landing Gear Bulkhead Installation

….and we’re back.  It’s been a few months since I’ve posted anything, having been overwhelmed with the number of spam comments I’ve been getting on the site; it’s been quite discouraging to look at the control panel and see “652 new posts” and have >95% of them be spam.  I think I’ve gotten that under control now, so hopefully I’ll be posting a lot more frequently.

On to the project!  The setup of the shop for the winter doesn’t quite work as well as I would like.  I’ve only been able to achieve a 20-25 degree (F) temperature difference over the ambient temperature, so unless the temperature outside got over 45 or so, trying to do fiberglass work got quite frustrating.  Perhaps when the weather starts to get cooler again I’ll be motivated to make additional improvements. We did however,  get a bit of work done over the cooler months, so I aim now to update the site as to what we’ve been up to.

Let’s see, we left off having just put the fuselage together, so there is quite a bit of catching up to do.  The first thing was to flox in F-22, the bulkhead just aft of the canard, and then put reinforcing bid tapes on all of the bulkheads.

I then floxed in the aft landing gear bulkhead.  After marking the locations of the mounting bolts for the landing gear, I floxed in the forward landing gear bulkhead (bottom half), with spacers in place that allowed me to drill 1/4″ holes perfectly aligned between the two landing gear bulkheads, which are 8″ apart.  I then knocked out the spacers, and floxed in the top half of the forward landing gear bulkhead, which sits at a 45 degree angle, and forms part of the rear seatback.  I continue to be amazed when these parts that were made completely independently fit together so very well.  I guess that’s the benefit of very good plans, and measuring twice, cutting once.

EDIT:  Make sure when floxing in the aft landing gear bulkhead, the side with the 8 plies is facing forward!  Ask me how I know, or wait for the blog post on the subject.

Installed Landing Gear Bulkheads

Once the flox had cured, I bid taped all the seams, and Heather and I flipped the fuselage upside down onto some sawhorses, and removed the jig table from the heat room.  As you can see in the above picture, there is a hotel key card sitting on the epoxy cup.  Following a tip from another builder (I forgot who, sorry!), I’ve started using small plastic cards like these for squeegies.  They work great on small layups, and credit card companies just keep sending them to me! Free squeegies!

To finish up this post, here are a couple pictures of Heather trimming the excess fiberglass off of the bulkhead reinforcements.

More to come soon!  With spring here, we’re back to work almost every day!

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