Starting the Fuselage Assembly

So it has been a few weeks since I’ve posted, and not a whole lot had been going on on the Cozy front until a couple of days ago.  We needed to get a flat surface lower to the ground to assemble the fuselage, we’ve both been very busy with work, and then it got too cold to work with epoxy.

Well, work calmed down a bit. We then borrowed a really low table, 12 x 1 from Jeff Test, who used it to build the wings on his Long-Ez, and waited for the weather.  Luckily, Monday and Tuesday of this week were nice warm days, so I took off from work early on each day to work on the Cozy.

on Monday, I nailed the requisite 2x4s on the table, 101.75″ apart, as required, then set up the temporary firewall, braced it so it was straight up and down, then set the sides in the firewall, on the Jig.  To my dismay, the forward end was higher than the aft end, and the bottom longerons were resting on the 2x4s.  Well, the plans don’t really say how long the 2x4s in the jigs should be, but they do say that you should use blocks on the floor to raise the sides to level. hmm.  Well, I cut 6″ off each end of the top 2×4 on the forward end, and then shimmed off the bottom one to make the upper longerons level.  Here’s Heather giving her approval, prior to cutting the 2x4s as described:

Once I had everything nice and level on Tuesday, I enlisted the help of my neighbor Saul to help get the bulkheads floxed in.  We got the bulkheads floxed in, held the seatback in place with drywall screws, the instrument panel with some nails, and clamped the sides together:

I actually used the pieces of the fuselage sides jig that I had just removed from the table as my clamping boards.  As you can see in the picture, I twisted a rope on the top sides, and held the bottoms together with ratchet straps.  I then threw a sheet of 4-mil poly over the whole thing, and stuck a space heater in the back seat, to keep the whole thing nice and warm overnight.

Hopefully this weekend or sooner, I’ll have a long enough period of time that I can go out and bid tape all the joints on the bulkheads!

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  1. Dad says:

    Yeah! Let’s put a bottom on it, and go fishing!

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